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This is the ideology we follow in KDS Baghel Memorial Degree College Agra. The emphasis is on activity based teaching so that learning becomes a joyful experience. Along with academics we train our student in various co-curricular activities like music (both instrumental and vocal), dance, swimming, art and craft, taekwando, skating etc. To facilitate this, there is a separate activity block comprising of activity rooms, audio visual room, music rooms, art and craft room and dance room. A swimming pool and the huge open area are the other attractions for the children. Education at KDS Baghel Memorial Degree College Agra ensures that apart from excelling in academics, every student grows to maximize his/her true potential. In a setting, that is different from the routine classrooms, each child imbibes important lessons in human values and the ability to work towards shared goals. The sports complex is the pride of our school. Different sports activities develop neuro-muscular co-ordination and a healthy body. They also help to develop discipline, keen competition, courage, team work and fairness. They enable children to learn to handle defeat and victory with equanimity and positivity.


We offer swimming, cricket, basket ball, badminton, hockey, football, volleyball and various athletic disciplines. We also have an indoor games block equipped with facilities for table tennis, yoga, gymnastics, taekwondo and a gymnasium. The school offers a warm, supportive, culturally rich environment where students learn at their own pace and feel good about their accomplishments. Children go through dramatics, music, dance and cultural activities that help them to rediscover themselves. They become more sharing, outgoing and learn to work together in teams.