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Chairman’s Message

chairman Many institutions and college of higher education for boys and girls were established in agra before impendence, but after independence no educational institute was established in the vast region between Agra and kagarol at Agra-Jagner road. Resulting that thought of boys and girls of this area did not higher education every year in this area become very backward from educational point of view. Therefore many social worker, educationists and other prominent persons who were directly or indirectly related to Agra, thought deeply on this problem and decided to open a good degree college exclusively for boys and girls Agra and Jagner road. This degree college pays attention not only on the quality of literal education to students but also provide them morel and social education so that students make themselves self reliant and may develop their personality. To achieve this goal this goal and to run this college in right direction, responsibility is given to me by the member of the Trust, prominent persons of the area and the guardians, for which i am highly obliged. I assure them to bear this responsibility for running the college in right direction and to make effort for the betterment of students and upliftment of the college.